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How to send flowers to Saigon, Vietnam?


According to the report of the Vietnam Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign now we have more than 4.5 million overseas Vietnamese people who work or study abroad. And this number is increasing according to the integration and development of the country.

Send flowers to Saigon is indispensable needs of people who work or study abroad. It is not only a tangible gift, a product of art not only potraiting the beauty of life, but also to convey sentiments of many hearts towards the country of their loved ones.

The surprise and happiness that service send flowers to Vietnam to bring everyone.


Moreover, under the integration of globalization, our country developes and has economic, political, social and diplomatic relations with countries around the world as well as economic and political organizations over the world. The service of sending flowers to Vietnam is a creation of civilized behavior, the effect and value of foreign communities towards the Vietnamese and vice versa.

How many cites and provinces you can send flowers to Vietnam?

As we all know the service of sending flowers in the world has been developing in a professtional manner. In Vietnam, providing this service is developing rapidly under the support of information technology, Internet technology, e-commerce and international payments. 


You can easily send flowers to Hanoi - the capital, the heart of the country


Vietnamese customers who live abroad or foreigners who live outside the territory of Vietnam can easily, by the desire to make a surprise or send his love to friends and relatives and partners through our service Send flowers to Vietnam. Companies and any one can make orders of fresh flowers and gifts to all 63 cities and provinces as quickly as possible.

Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City is the largest economic center of the country where  there are many flowers sending transactions.

How to send flowers to Vietnam?

Easily, you can visit the website of the business services company to send flowers to Saigon to follow the instructions to order and pay. On the website you just need to fill out the order form with the following information: The ordering, address, phone. Recipients of flowers, telephone, address and flower delivery time. Especially in the order form, you can fill out the information as messages, wishes or the share of people receiving flowers. For more detailed information on how to Send flowers to Vietnam you can see here.

How to pay when you send flowers to Vietnam?

There are many ways of payment when you send flowers to Vietnam. If you have an account in the bank in Vietnam you can use Online Banking, you can also use money transfer services like Money Gram, Westion Union ... However, because information technology is growing with strict security , convenience and safety, we always reccomend customers to use credit cards for online payment through the payment gateway integrated onto the website. We  include here some very reputable payment gateways like, One Pay ... For more details you can see the payment section.

Which country you can send flowers to Vietnam?

Currently flowers companies in Vietnam do send flowers to Vietnam from most countries around the world, eEspecially in countries having internet development system and convenient payment. You can give flowers to loved ones from the following countries:


You can send flowers to Vietnam from any other country in the world


Send flowers to Vietnam from the US

Send flowers to Vietnam from the UK

Send flowers to Vietnam from Australia

Send flowers to Vietnam from Singapore

Send flowers to Vietnam from Korea

Send flowers to Vietnam from Malaysia

Send flowers to Vietnam from France

Send flowers to Vietnam from China

And a lot of other countries ...

Hope that with our professional development, the service send flowers to Vietnam will bring you good values and more meaningful life.